A problem with No Sound? Changing your default output device may help.


Jun 17, 2014
Hello, I was just reading some questions about headsets which got me thinking about this one time I installed a wireless USB headset onto my computer.

After the installation was complete, I suddenly realized I had no sound.

This short and easy tutorial will explain how to change your default sound output in windows 7. It may just be what you need to solve you no audio issue.

1) Click start

2) In "search programs and files" type the word 'sound'

3) Under the "Control Panel" heading, click 'sound'

4) You should now see the 'Sound' screen with the 4 tabs 'Playback', 'Recording', 'Sounds', and 'Communications'.

5) If the 'playback' tab is not already selected, choose it. You will then see a list of your computers playback devices.

6) If your default playback device has been changed to something other than the audio device your computer speakers are connected to, you can change it back by selecting the correct device and choosing 'Set Default' near the bottom above the OK button.

You can also do the opposite if you are not getting sound from your headset for example, you can change the default device to the headset.

7) Once you have made your selection, you can hit OK and try it out.

I hope this helps somebody!