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Copy/Paste dump file error in Win 10

If you hit paste, do you get something like

And is your temp file getting filled with dump files every few seconds?

Then you have a soundcard on your motherboard that uses Nahimic drivers to run Headsets. Both Asus & MSI use these drivers in their utilities for sound on their motherboards.On Asus boards it is part of Sonic Studio, whereas on MSI boards it is part of Realtek drivers.

The problem is the drivers may not be written for Win 10's new power modes and bug out if you have Fast Startup turned on. Until the drivers are updated, the best answer is to turn off Fast startup and wait for an updated driver.

Update: This work around may stop working after a few days. I am trying to figure out actual solution still. The solution may come as a Windows update or a driver update. Will update tutorial once I know for sure.