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Fortnite Battle Royale – How to Use the Cozy Campfire

Fortnite has a lot of features and the Cozy Campfire is one of them. You can literally heal yourself and your team with this incredible healing item. But, this amazing item can also give you trouble if not used properly. Moreover, you should also know how to set it up in a way that expert players do. Because it is very important that you strategically place it to get the most out of it. So this is why I am going to tell you how you can use the Cozy Campfire in a complete pro way. Okay so let’s jump right in:

1. Call your Squad:
When you are about to put the Cozy Campfire, make sure to chat with your squad first. There may be some players on your team who need healing as well. So why not utilize the key feature of this item. Chat with your teammates and tell them that you are going to place a campfire. So that they can come to your location.

2. Watch out for Other Players:
You already know that the Cozy Campfire heals all the players that come within its radius and this applies to opponents too. So whenever you place a Cozy campfire make sure that it is at a place where there is no enemy of yours as they may usurp the campfire after you put it down.

3. Remember, it Glows:
Besides healing you and your nearby players, the Cozy Campfire also glows basically because it is a fire. And the problem is that its glow can be noticed from a distance. So you need to place the campfire behind a cover to make sure no enemy comes near you by seeing the glow.

4. Build a Base while Healing:
When you place the Campfire, you are risking yourself and your teammates. This is because you guys are basically just sitting around the fire waiting to fill up your health bars. And at this time you are just sitting ducks, so there is a possibility that you guys get attacked which may result in more loss than the benefit from the campfire. So make sure to build a base around yourself when you sit around the fire.

5. Don’t Forget the Stairs:
When you build a base around the campfire, make sure to build stairs too. And then, put the campfire at the bottom of the stairs. This will help you to quickly take small peaks from your base ’s top to make sure there are no enemies coming your way.

If you frequently use Cozy Campfire then the aforementioned tricks are going to help you in ways you cannot think of. You will not only be able to heal yourself properly but also safely.