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Fortnite Battle Royale - Panic Ramp V2 Guide

The Panic Ramp V2 is the modern form of the simple Panic Ramp it is very easy to create this one.

To know everything about the Panic Ramp V2 including its usage and building, read the guide below:
Why You Need it?
It is a great way to quickly put up a defense and save yourself from the firing of an enemy or the enemy itself. It is a really simple structure and may save your life. It will grant you a height that you can use for various purposes. Furthermore, it will also get you cover so you can recover from the aggressive firing from an enemy. You can also take some rest and heal yourself while your enemy is trying to shoot down the panic ramp that you have created. All in all, it is a great way to get some cover.

When to Use it?
It is best to use the Panic Ramp V2 when you are engaged in a duel with an enemy or enemies. So if you are engaged with some enemies, you would want a structure to get a temporary position for yourself where you can get some cover from the enemy and also fire at him while peeking from the edges of the structure. This is the reason that you need to use the Panic Ramp V2 as it is more supportive and you can deal with enemies on both sides.

How to Use it?
You can use the Panic Ramp V2 in various ways. It will provide you with great cover and will help you get to recover from a sudden attack. Due to two ramps in a structure, you can deal with enemies coming from both sides. Also, this structure will grant you enough time in which you can heal yourself or quickly drink a shield potion so you can face the incoming enemy. Moreover, it will provide you with a height advantage that will help you take out enemies who are on the ground as their attempt to avoid you through jumping will not work because you will be on a height.

How to Build it?
It is very easy to build and follows the form of the previous version i-e Panic Ramp. To create the Panic Ramp all you need to do is to put some walls in a way that creates a rectangle. Keep in mind that you need to stay in the center while creating the rectangle of the walls. Once you have built the structure of walls, you will then have to place a ramp leading upwards and then place another ramp on this opposite side to complete the structure.

The guide above about building and using the Panic Ramp V2 will help you in getting a quick cover to return the enemy fire or to recover from an attack by consuming some healing item. Just make sure to follow the instructions mentioned above and practice them for some time to quickly create the Panic Ramp V2 when needed.