How Do I Switch the Default Image Viewer in Windows 8?

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How Do I Switch the Default Image Viewer in Windows 8?

Because of several modifications in Windows 8 and the new interface that it has, the OS also opens any image file in its new and different image viewer. The different image viewer that Windows 8 has by default opens the image in the full-screen, hiding all other objects behind it.

Users who are familiar and are quite comfortable with the default image viewer of Windows 7 might not like the modified image viewing feature in Windows 8. Such users might want the images to be displayed in the legacy default image viewer just to get the feel of Windows 7 while opening the image files.

How to Switch the Default Image Viewer in Windows 8

Step-by-step instructions are given below:

    ■Log on to Windows 8 computer with the administrator or standard user account.
    ■Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to go to the desktop.
    ■Once on the desktop screen, click File Explorer icon from the taskbar.
    ■On the opened Libraries window, navigate and locate the image that is to be used to open all the images in the default image viewer every time.
    ■Once located, right click the image.
    ■From the displayed context menu, hover mouse to Open with.
    ■From the displayed submenu, click Choose default program.

    ■On the opened How do you want to open this file box, make sure that Use this app for all .png files checkbox is checked.
    Note: In this demonstration .png file is used. The option may change according to the file type (extension of the file such as .jpg or .bmp) of images.
    ■From the available programs, click Windows Photo Viewer to make it the default program for viewing images.

For a detailed video walkthrough, check out the Tom's Hardware Tutorial Video below:


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