How to Airplay From Your Apple Device?

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Jan 5, 2018
Apple Airplay is a feature that allows users with supported Apple devices to mirror their device's screen onto another Airplay supported device. Mirroring implies an exact replica of whatever task the original device is performing to be displayed on the receiving device. Airplay supports mirroring media, allowing you to play music and videos from your Apple device on other devices; also, your photo gallery can also be displayed across devices.
Airplay can be a nice addition for parties or family get-togethers if needing to play music, videos or display pictures for everyone to see. Or it can just be a nice alternative for using your device if you're watching videos or playing games etc.

Required and Supported Devices
The Airplay Mirroring feature is a relatively new feature meaning it is only supported by the more recent Apple devices. Only devices running on iOS 5 and above are capable of running Apple airplay.

The following are some of the devices capable of running the Airplay feature:
1. iPhones from the iPhone 4S model and later
2. iPad 2 and later; iPad mini
3. A fifth-generation iPod touch or newer versions
4. iOS 5 Devices
5. New generation Apple TV, OS 4.4 and Newer

Setting Up Airplay

  • ■To use Apple airplay you must ensure the device you are looking to mirror and the Apple TV to display the screen are connected to the same wireless network. It is recommended to connect both to the same home network for ease of connection.
    ■Swipe up and display the Control Panel. On the control panel, locate the Airplay option on the right side of the display
    ■Click on the Airplay Mirroring option and select Apple TV from the list of options that is displayed.
    ■In iOS 10, the Airplay starts as soon as you select Apple TV. In iOS 7 through 9, you have to manually turn the connection on.
    ■Tap Done.
    ■Mirroring will start almost instantaneously displaying exactly what is on your device on the Apple TV. Any streamed content is also duplicated on your larger Apple TV.
    ■Use of Apple Airplay will show an exact image of whatever is displayed on your personal device, to ensure it is safe for viewing depending on your audience.
    ■Turn off Bluetooth and other wireless connections to the Apple TV to prevent lagging.
    ■Video quality may be distorted depending on the content you are looking to mirror to the TV. If the content was made for a smaller device, you may find the resolution will not transfer onto a larger screen so well.
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