How to Beat Deacons of the Deep in Dark Souls 3


May 23, 2016
This fight can be tricky simply due to the large amount of enemies you will be facing, and knowing how to even deal damage to the boss here.

Step 1)Bring the right weapon for the job.
You're first step here is to come equipped to deal with the mob. You are going to want a weapon that you can slash with and hit anything in front of you, because you are going to be swarmed. Something that stabs or ranged weapons that strike only one enemy aren't going to do the trick. Area of effect magic can also be useful here.

Step 2)Target the glowing red priests.
One priest in the horde is going to be glowing red, this is your target. Get in and bring him down and get out again so you can identify which one is next. They move slowly and don't have a lot of health, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about them as they die easily. They will respawn endlessly though so just hacking blindly through them isn't going to do the trick.

Step 3)Kill them before they finish their curse.
At about half health there are going to be four new special priests that spawn who will be casting a curse that is going to slowly fill the room. If they finish the casting, you will die. To prevent this, you can kill one of them, but he will respawn again fairly quickly. You've got two options for how to handle this, you can either hack and slash your way through the now more aggressive and fast moving horde, and kill the red targets quickly enough to defeat the boss before they can finish their spell, or you can play it more safely by alternating your target between the red mob and the casting priests. If you kill the red target and then kill one of the priests, you can go back to killing the red target and get back out to kill one of the casting priests and keep repeating this until the boss is dead.

It's up to you as to what method you decide to use, either work, but it all depends on your playstyle and how quickly you can get to and kill those targets. Once he is defeated you'll find out that there was no Lord of Cinder here though, head back to the shrine and talk to Ani to continue on.
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