How to Choose Default Apps in Windows 10



Windows 10 comes with a number of apps pre-installed, and it will use these apps to open your files unless you change it (for example, a .BMP file will open in Paint by default).

You can set new default apps to open each type of file.

Note: In this tutorial, the default association of the Photos app to open the .JPG and .JPEG files will be changed to the Windows Photo Viewer app, as it was the case in Windows 7 or earlier operating systems. The process of changing the associations of file types with to other apps is identical in every case.

Here is how you can choose/change the default apps in Windows 10:
    ■Log on to your Windows 10 PC.
    ■Right-click the Start button from the bottom-left corner of the screen.
    ■From the context menu that appears, click Control Panel.

    ■On the Control Panel window, click the Programs category.

    ■From the right pane of the opened Programs window, click Default Programs.

    ■On the Default Programs window, click Set your default programs.

    ■From the generated list of available programs in the left of the Set Default Programs window, click to select the program that you want to set as default for the file type of your choice. (Windows Photo Viewer for example.)
    ■Once selected, from the right pane, click the Set this program as default to automatically associate all supported file types with the selected program.
    ■Alternatively you can click the Choose defaults for this program option to configure things more granularly.

    10. From the available list on the Set Program Associations window, check the checkboxes representing the file types that you want the selected program to open by default. (Checkboxes for .JPG and .JPEG are checked for this demonstration.)

    11. Once you have made the required changes, click Save, close the opened Set Default Programs window, and start using your Windows 10 PC with the modified settings.