How To Clean Boot Windows 8

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How Do I Clean Boot Windows 8?

While working with Windows 8, many times users might find the operating system behaving incorrectly without any particular reason. In such cases, it is important that administrators diagnose the root cause and attempt to fix the issue.

To accomplish this, administrators must clean boot Windows 8, in which all Microsoft services are chosen to be kept hidden and all other services are left displayed. Once this is done, all non-Microsoft services are set so that they do not get initialized automatically when Windows starts. This further allows only the Microsoft services to start at Windows boot, allowing the administrators to diagnose the real cause of the issue.

In case the above method fails, administrators can then re-enable all services and start disabling each non-Microsoft service one by one until they find the problematic one. Once the problematic service is detected, it can then be disabled or otherwise deleted permanently by using some advanced commands in order to make the operating system run error-free.

How Do I Clean Boot Windows 8?

To clean Boot Windows 8, step-by-step are provided below:

    ■Log on to Windows 8 computer with the administrator account.
    ■Click Desktop tile from the Start screen to go to the desktop.
    ■Once on the desktop screen, press Windows + R keys simultaneously to initiate the Run command box.
    ■On the Run command box, type MSCONFIG.EXE command in the available field.
    ■On the opened System Configuration box, make sure that General tab is selected.
    ■On the selected tab, click to select Selective startup radio button.
    ■Once selected, uncheck Load startup items checkbox.

    ■Then go to Services tab.
    ■From the bottom left corner of the selected tab, check Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
    ■On the same tab, click Disable all button at the bottom right corner to disable all the running services.

    ■Then go to Startup tab, and click Open Task Manager.
    ■On the opened Task Manager window, make sure that Startup tab is selected.
    ■On the selected tab, right-click each startup program one-by-one.
    ■From the displayed context menu, click Disable to disable the selected startup item.
    ■Close Task Manager when done.
    ■Back on System Configuration box, click OK.
    ■On the displayed message box, click Restart to clean boot the Windows 8 computer.

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