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How to Complete Season 3, Week 5 Challenges in Fortnite Battle

Each week of Season 3 brings a set of challenges which are usually not that hard to complete. But, some weekly challenges are tough and week 5 is one of them. There are a total of seven challenges in week 5 and you have to complete all of them before the Season 3 ends. So I am going to tell you how you can complete the challenges of week 5. Okay so let’s get started:

1. Use the Bush:
This is self-explanatory but the problem is that you cannot find the bush potion that easily as it is a legendary item. But what you can do is keep on looting as many chests as you can and eventually you will find the bush potion. And once you find it, make sure to use it immediately even if you don’t need it. This is because you can get killed and not get the chance to use it, so use it when you have the chance.

2. Search Chests in the Moisty Mire:
Although it seems very easy, you basically need to go the Moisty Mire and start opening some chests. But, the problem is that you may find some other players who are also in search of chests. So what you need to do is land in Moisty Mire as fast as you can, get a gun and start finding chests before anyone comes.

3. Deal Damage with Pickaxe:
Now this one is a bit arduous because the other player will have a gun and you will be running towards him with a melee weapon. So what I suggest you is that firstly, use the pickaxe on an opponent who is unaware of your presence. Secondly, you don’t have to kill him with the pickaxe, just deal some damage and when he fights back, switch to the gun.

4. Visiting Different Gas Stations in Single Match:
Well this is a tough one considering some other players will also be doing the same so you may find some company. And also, you cannot know the position of different gas stations in such a big map. But, it will become easier if I tell you the positions of some gas stations. Basically, you need to visit 3 gas stations so here are the locations of 3 gas stations:
• Eastern side of the Pleasant Park.
• At the northernmost point of Salty Springs.
• Right in the center of Greasy Grove.

5. Following the Treasure Map of Anarchy Acres:
This is the trickiest one as you will not only have to find the map but also follow it to find treasure. What you need to do is directly drop into the Anarchy Acres and head towards its northern section. Once you get there, look for a little board displaying a map. Once you find the map, you will see that it indicates a distinctive rock. You can find that rock near the Shrine, Liama and Junk Junction. Now go to the west of Junk Junction following the muddy path and as you approach the spot you will see the Battle Star, grab it and that’s it.

6. Pistol Elimination:
As the name says, you need to eliminate opponents with a pistol. But, it is not easy to do so considering your opponents will be using heavier weapons. So firstly, find a pistol, then when you engage with an enemy, fight them with a bigger gun. And then take out a pistol in the end and finish them with it. You need to kill three players like this.

7. Eliminate Enemies in Tilted Towers:
This is a fun one, you just need to kill 3 enemies in the tilted tower. But, this place will have other players too so approach with caution or land directly there and wait for players to come. Once they do, eliminate them and complete the challenge. You can also place some traps in the tower to take out enemies without engaging.

This is how you can complete one of the tough challenges of Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale. I hope after this guide you will be able to complete the challenge with an ease.