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How to Complete Season 3, Week 6 Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale

The week 6 of Fortnite Battle Royal encompasses 7 different challenges. Although completing some of these challenges is like a piece of cake but there are some challenges which are really hard to complete. And this is the reason that today I am going to help those who are in pursuit to complete the 6th week’s challenge before the season 3 ends. So here’s how you can complete the challenges of week 6:

1. Dealing 500 Damage with SMGs:
Well, this is one of the easiest challenges of week 6 and it is really self-explanatory. All you need to do to complete this challenge is to deal a total of 500 damage using any type of SMG gun before the end of the 3rd season. You can easily find an SMG during the game and then use it while completing other challenges to complete this one along the way.

2. Searching the Chests in the Anarchy Acres:
For this challenge, you need to find and open seven chests located in Anarchy Acres. The real challenge is to find those seven chests. But don’t stress out, because I am about to tell you where you can find those chests. Just go to the farm located at the northern area of map and search for the chests in these possible locations:
• Inside House’s Attic
• At the 3rd floor of the biggest barn
• Above Medium sized barn’s entrance
• At the large stable present inside the Medium-sized barn
• Inside Metal Silo
• Behind the hay at the small shacks
Just wander around and search thoroughly in these locations and I am sure you will find all seven chests there.

3. Placing the Cozy Campfire:
This is the simple one, you just need to find this item and use it. This is a rare item so make sure that you grab it as soon as you see it. Don’t think about using it when you need it. Just place it even if you don’t use it because it is hard to find. And if someone kills you before you place it then you can have a hard time finding it again.

4. Summit Different Mountain Peaks:
Though it may seem hard, it is an easy one. All you need to do is to climb ten different mountains across the map to complete it. The real question is, where can you find the mountains to climb? Well, let me make it easy for you. Just go towards the left side of map and you will find most of the mountains there.

5. Search Between the Metal bridge, Crashed bus and Three Billboards:
This is a hard one as you need to find the token hidden in the map. Well, you can find the token in the area located at the east of the shifty shafts and the salty springs. All you need to do is go to the top of the small mountain which is at the right side of the river. And to be more precise, you can find the token in the E7 quadrant of the map.

6. Explosive Weapon Eliminations:
In order to complete this challenge, you need to take down three enemies using the explosives. And you can do that by using any type of explosive weapon. I suggest you use the grenades as you can see a path by holding the right mouse button which will make it easy to throw it into forts.

7. Eliminate Opponents in the Retail Row:
The last part of the challenge is to execute three enemies in the retail row. This is also one of the favorite areas of players so you will definitely find some players to execute. Head for the residential section of this area and take out the enemies in close combat.

Well, guys, this is how you can complete this lengthy and a bit difficult challenge. Make sure to follow the tips I have written above to complete the challenge before the season ends.




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