How to create a system repair disc in Windows 10


Apr 19, 2016

DVDs may be a little last century but nothing beats them in terms of price and convenience for making backups for computers. If Windows won’t load properly or boot into Safe mode, all the system images in the world won’t save you. That’s where a system repair DVD comes in. So here’s how to create a system repair disc in Windows 10.

You can create system recovery drives on a USB but I never seem to have enough of them. DVDs are cheap and readily available, which is why I still use them for images and repair discs.

Create a system repair disc in Windows 10
To make this work, you will obviously need a blank DVD and a DVD writer/rewriter.

1. Load the blank DVD media into your drive.
2. Type or paste ‘recdisc’ into the Search Windows box. The create a repair disc dialog box should appear.
3. Your blank DVD should appear in the Drive box and the Create disc option should not be greyed out.
4. Click it and let the process complete.

Using the system repair disc
Once burned, the system repair disc should be finalized, labeled and put somewhere safe for when you need it. When you do require it:

1. Set your computer to boot from your DVD drive if it doesn’t already.
2. Load the disc into your drive and reboot your computer.
3. It should load automatically into the recovery environment.
4. Select an option to troubleshoot your computer.

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