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How to edit your graphics card bios using nibitor and Gpu-z(note that this will only work for nvidia cards)

The first thing you will want to do is get Nibitor and gpu-z



Then open up gpu-z

Mine looks like that. After that you will want to save your gpu bios. Do this, but clicking on the button I have circled and then hit "save to file" and make sure you put it somewhere safe.

Then you will want to open it using nibitor. Open it by Clicking "File=>open bios" This will yield a screen that looks like this:

Within nibitor there are many options of what you can do. My favorite is to build a bios that has the highest stable overclock I have found so that I may flash it as that and it will automatically run at that speed without any of the bloated software such as evga's precision. You can mess around with it if you like and then save it. In a later tutorial I will explain how to use this bios to flash on your graphics card and what to do if you have an amd card.
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