How to enter the PS3's Safe Mode

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Apr 2, 2013
Hello Friends ,
Soo , I saw that there was no sensible guide/tutorial that can explain one to enter the PS3's Safe Mode. So here it is - This is a guide on how to enter the Safe Mode ( a.k.a Restore Mode , Reset Mode , Self Repair Mode , etc ) on the PS3.
What is the Safe Mode - Just like Windows has its own safe mode , the PS3's XMB has a safe mode. This mode helps you to -
Restore the PS3's ( file system , default settings ) to factory settings
Rebuild Database
Reset the PS3 to factory settings ( Formats all the Data on the PS3 )
Update the System Software

So when to enter the Safe Mode ? -
If the PS3's data is corrupted and and the PS3 can't restore it safely.
If the PS3 is showing unusual problems ( random freezes , random errors , etc ) Technical OS error in the PS3 which can't be solved by restoring or updating.

If you face any of these , try using safe mode before sending the PS3 to repairing. Note that the Safe Mode won't work for Hardware errors or YLOD systems.

What you need -
A compatible Display ( TV/Monitor ) Preferably with a HDMI output with connection cable ( HDMI Cable , Composite/Component Cable )
A compatible Controller ( Preferably Sony's provided wireless controller )
Mini USB type A Cable ( If using the Sony's controller , not necessary for wired controller )

Works for -
All Original/Fat PS3 models ,
All PS3 Slim models ,
All PS3 Super Slim models
So lets go -

Step 1 - Entering Safe Mode

1. Connect the PS3 to any display preferably using the HDMI output.
2. Connect the PS3 to a power source. Also make sure the PS3 is off and not started.
3. Hold the Power On button until you here a beep which should take no more than 7 secs and also resets the video settings BUT DON'T LEAVE PRESSING THE BUTTON. After almost 5 secs you will hear another beep. Now leave the power button. Your PS3 is shut downed now.
4. Repeat Step 3 once again , quickly.

Step 2 - Using the Safe Mode

1. You will se this when you enter the safe mode -

2. If you are facing errors/freezes/crashes ,etc , go order wise doing one and check if it solves the issue -

Restore Default Settings
Restore File System
Restore Database
If none does , check on for the latest OS update , and if you have an older version , update to the latest version and retry the above steps.
If none of the above works , then Reset your PS3 using the "Restore PS3 System" option. This works in most cases where none of the above options does. But note that you will lose ALL DATA SAVED ON THE PS3 if any. This includes games and save data(s) , photos , movies , videos , music , PSN information , etc which is on the HDD. So therefore I recommend trying this only if none does help.

If you still face any issue , try doing all the of the options given or PM me so I can personally guide you on your issue.

Credits - Me
Other PS3 guides - None ATM. Working on other basic guides like how to set Wi-Fi , etc.

Thanks for reading and I hope my tutorial did help you reach the Safe mode and solve your issues.

- Commentator.
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