How To 

How to find out the RAM of your Computer/Laptop?

Its very easy to find out the RAM of your computer, but many people do not know this.

Follow step-by-step to find out the RAM of your computer.

1. Go to the search bar, and type in 'Run'.
2. A small window will open up on the left bottom corner, in that type in 'dxdiag'.
3. Another window will open, and click 'Yes'.
4. The next Window that opens will have the details about your computer.
5. Find 'Memory' under 'System Information' and look at the value.

If it says
-512MB, you have 512MB of RAM.
-1024MB, you have 1GB of RAM.
-2048MB, you have 2GB of RAM
and so on...

Hope This Helps!