How to Find TV Shows with Google Assistant

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Apr 26, 2018

Out of multitude tasks that your Google Assistant can do, maybe a not so known one is the ability to find TV shows. You can find out when does a specific TV show air and on what channel. You can also get the information about new shows on some of the channels (not all are supported currently).

Some commands involving the TV shows might not work a 100% properly, but you’ll still get useful info from a website that your Google Assistant finds. So, without further ado, here’s how to find TV shows with Google Assistant.

    ■ Open your Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. You can also hold the Home button on your phone.

    ■ You can ask your assistant to tell you what’s new on certain channels. For example, “What’s new on Netflix” will list you the new releases on Netflix with a voice-over. You can also do this for other channels, although not all are supported currently. If you do this for CBS for instance, you’ll only get the CBS schedule from their website.

    ■ You can also say “What channel airs “name of the show”” and Google Assistant will tell you that.

    ■ Also, with “When does “name of the show” air next” you can find out when your favorite shows are on and you can also set a reminder so you’ll get notified.

    ■ Over the time they’ll probably be even more improvements and maybe a few changes when it comes to these commands, but even now these are some pretty cool features to use. Also, if you link your Cast devices to your Google account, you can even watch these shows by just saying “Play “name of the show” on TV
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