How to fix failed Windows 10 install - C1900101-4000D error message


Apr 19, 2016

The C1900101-4000D error message appears when performing an upgrade to Windows 10 from a previous version. It occurs because the Windows installer cannot access certain installer files or comes up against a conflict during installation. It is one of the more annoying errors, but it is fixable. Here’s how to fix the failed Windows 10 install - C1900101-4000D error message.

Fix failed Windows 10 install - C1900101-4000D error message
Overcoming the error is about properly preparing for an upgrade. It’s something many of us folks who have worked in enterprise environments do but isn’t something many home users know how to do.

1. Perform a complete driver update before the installation, including graphics, sound, BIOS (if necessary), USB devices, printers and whatever you have connected.
2. Remove all extraneous USB devices, printers, card readers and all peripherals except keyboard and mouse.
3. Uninstall any third-party firewall, antivirus and malware programs.
4. Download the latest Windows 10 ISO or USB image and prepare the media for installation.
5. Disconnect from Wi-Fi and use a cable instead for the installation.

Boot into a clean environment
1. Type or paste ‘msconfig’ into Windows Explorer.
2. Select Services and check the box next to ‘Hide all Microsoft services.
3. Navigate to startup and click Open Task Manager.
4. Right click on each item under the Start-up tab and disable.
5. Click OK back on the Startup Window and reboot. This will perform a clean boot from which you can perform your upgrade.
6. Boot from your upgrade media and perform the Windows 10 install as directed. Everything should now work as normal.

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