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How to fix Windows 10 error Event ID 41 ‘Kernel-Power’

The Windows 10 error Event ID 41 ‘Kernel-Power’ is about power and isn’t a Windows issue at all you’ll be pleased to know. What you may not be so pleased to hear is that it is usually a sign of a faulty PSU or power input. If you need to fix Windows 10 error Event ID 41 ‘Kernel-Power’, here’s what you can do.

Event ID 41 ‘Kernel-Power’ usually happens when Windows restarts without a stop code or BSOD fault. Windows doesn’t know why it restarted so interrogates hardware. The ‘Kernel Power’ return is when the hardware reports a loss of power or fluctuation that caused the computer to reset.

Fix Windows 10 error Event ID 41 ‘Kernel-Power’
The ultimate fix for this error is to replace the power supply, but there are few things you can try first.

• Check all power cables, cables from power supply into motherboard and GPU are all in place and tight. Check all cables within the computer. Retest.
• Check or swap any UPS, surge protectors, extension leads or multi-plugs. Retest.
• Remove all extra drives, USB devices (aside from keyboard and mouse) and anything aside from critical components you have drawing power from the computer. Retest.
• Remove any overclocking if you have it enabled. Retest.
• Set the power settings within Windows to maximum performance. Retest.
• Change the fuse in the wall plug or try a different cable between power supply and wall socket. Retest.

If none of those steps stop the error, you need to consider replacing your power supply. As the error is power related, it is the only step left. If you can borrow one to test before buying one, all the better otherwise it’s a trip to the computer store…

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