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How to fix Windows 10 error igdkmd64.sys

The Windows 10 error igdkmd64.sys is predominantly a video driver conflict within Windows. That makes it a fairly straightforward issue to troubleshoot. If you need to fix Windows 10 error igdkmd64.sys, here’s what you have to do.

The full error syntax is ‘VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE igdkmd64.sys’ and usually results in a BSOD. It is linked to Intel graphics drivers rather than Nvidia or AMD drivers. It happens mainly on portable Windows devices but can occur on PCs with motherboards that feature onboard graphics.

Fix the Windows 10 VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE igdkmd64.sys error

The first port of call is to update the Intel HD graphics driver and/or disable onboard graphics.

1. Navigate to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Device Manager.
2. If you use a PCIE graphics card, you should disable onboard graphics in your BIOS.
3. If you use onboard graphics, right click the Intel HD device within Device Manager and select Update Drive Software. Select ‘Automatically search…’. Update drivers and reboot.


Manually update Intel HD drivers directly from the Intel website.


1. Navigate to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Device Manager.
2. Select your Intel HD device, right click and select ‘Uninstall’.
3. Reboot and allow Windows to auto-detect the device and load drivers.


If you’re using a PCIE graphics card, roll back your Nvidia or AMD driver to a known working version.

One of these methods will surely address the VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE igdkmd64.sys error on your computer. It is purely a video driver issue. Changing or updating one or all drivers on your computer is definitely the way to go.

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