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How to fix Windows 10 MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION errors

Windows 10 MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION errors are caused when Windows detects a potential hardware issue and aborts boot. To make life interesting, it isn’t always a hardware issue but can also be a software glitch that makes Windows think hardware is at fault. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to fix Windows 10 MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION errors and I’ll go through them here.

Potential causes of a MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION can be faulty RAM, faulty CPU, overheating, erroring hard drive or software. Fortunately, from all of the cases I have seen so far, software has been the main cause. Namely Intel drivers.

As hardware troubleshooting can be a pain, let’s first look at software. When Windows 10 was first released, old Intel chipset drivers were known to cause MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION errors. Simply updating chipset drivers while still in your previous version of Windows, or upgrading them right away could do the trick.

1. Go to the Intel website and find the latest chipset drivers for your version of Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit).
2. Download and install the drivers.
3. Reboot and retest.

In the vast majority of cases I have seen, this update solves the problem. However, if it still persists for you, it’s time to look at your hardware. Try one or all of these.

Perform a motherboard BIOS update to the latest version.


Check CPU and motherboard temperatures using one of the many free monitoring tools. Add or improve cooling if it runs too hot.


Remove all hardware except boot drive, mouse and keyboard and retest. Add them back gradually until the error reappears and troubleshoot the hardware.


Remove, test and/or move RAM between slots to test for faulty memory. Retest between each move.

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