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How to Get Only Security Updates In Windows 10

Although all updates are important for Windows to run smoothly and give you best user-experience, you may have your reasons to temporarily keep the operating system from installing the optional ones, and allow only the security updates on your PC.

The fact is, you can’t completely get rid of the feature updates but you can postpone their download and installation process for up to 365 days. Here’s how:

    Get to the Windows Updates window
    Click Start, click the Settings icon, and click the Update & Security tile from the Windows Settings window. This takes you to the Update & Security window with the Windows Update category selected in the left. From the Windows Update interface in the right, you can manually check for Windows’ updates, manage when your PC restarts upon installing the updates, etc.

    Choose your updates
    Click Advanced options from the Windows Update section, and select Semi-Annual Channel from the Choose when updates are installed section. This ensures that the latest Windows updates are downloaded only when they’re fully available for all Windows users throughout the globe. As a home user, selecting Semi-Annual Channel buys you some extra time by making the updates available to you only when they have been tested by the professionals.

    Delay feature updates

Choose your preferred delay duration from the A feature update includes new capabilities and improvements. It can be deferred to this many days drop-down list (maximum 365 days). This keeps Windows from downloading and installing the feature updates for your chosen number of days (365 days, i.e. 1 year for this example). Once the selected tenure is over, the then-most recent feature updates are downloaded and installed on your Windows.