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How to install ExpressCache on ASUS

After having some issues reinstalling ExpressCache on my ASUS K551LN after a fresh Windows install, I thought I'd share what I learned about it.

Tested on ASUS K551LN (SanDisk SSD 24GB) Windows 7 Ultimate x64. The drivers I provide here are the same that came on my notebook, and the same that I used on the proccess.

1. Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers.
[link removed, download from intel website]

2. Install ExpressCache drivers.
[link removed, download from intel website]

3. Open the console (Start Menu > Run > cmd) and type diskpart.

4. list disk

5. select disk #
[where # is the number of the SSD disk]

6. clean

7. exit

8. Now move to the directory where ExpressCache is installed. in my case, cd C:\Program Files\Condusiv Technologies\ExpressCache\

9. Type ECCmd -info to check the status. Mine said "HFS volume not mounted", so there's one extra step.

10. Go into Services and stop the ExpressCache service (Start Menu > Run > services.msc)

11. Once stopped, return to the console (or open a new one) and type ECCmd -partition #
[where # is the number of the SSD disk, the same in step 5]

12. If you type ECCmd -info, you should see it running. If you don't, restart and it will be there.

Hope this helps!
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Apr 15, 2019
I get an ERROR in command! My drive 0 has 4 partitions and my primary drive is partition 4. So I guess expresscache is on the 4th partition of the drive installed. How can I get it installed there when # is the number of the DRIVE? I get ERROR 0x18. So how am I able to fix that problem to be able to do what you've explained above?


Sorry but this user hasnot been here in years. You may want to create your own support thread and link back to here to let everyone know which guide you were following.
thank you.
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