How to Install Zoo Tycoon 2 In Windows 10


Jan 5, 2018

Unless there are some additional configurations required to be made to run on Windows 10, installing any game is a simple and straightforward process, and Zoo Tycoon 2 is not any different either. All you need to install the game on your Windows 10 computer is, have a computer that meets minimum or recommended hardware requirements (almost all PCs can run the game, unless they’re a decade old), buy the game itself, get to the game’s installation folder, and execute the “Setup.exe” file.

Once everything is in place, here’s how you can install Zoo Tycoon 2 in Windows 10:
    Get to the game’s setup directory
    Locate and double-click the folder you extracted the Zoo Tycoon 2’s installation files to. This opens the folder containing the files required to install the game on your PC. If your copy of game was shipped in an optical disc (DVD), you can insert it in the CD/DVD drive, open File Explorer, click This PC from the navigation pane in the left, and open the DVD from there as a normal folder.

    Initiate the setup
    Locate and double-click the Setup.exe file in the folder, and click Yes when the User Account Control confirmation box appears. This takes you to the game’s installation window. Here you can choose whether to perform a quick install with all the default and recommended settings, or pick the normal method where the process prompts for your inputs to install the game as per your preferences.

    Begin the installation
    Click Install, click Next on the next window, and click Install again. This begins the installation using the default settings. Depending on the configuration of your PC, the installation process may take a while. Alternatively, instead of using the default settings, you can click Change on the final window, and choose a location other than C:\Program Files (x86) to install the game. Optionally, you can also uncheck the Create Desktop Icon and Install for All Users boxes to keep the setup from creating the game’s shortcut on the desktop screen, and prevent other users from playing the game if they’re logged on with their account respectively.

    Start playing

Click Play Now after the installation completes successfully, click Accept on the Microsoft Zoo Tycoon 2 – End User License Agreement window, and click Click To Continue. This lets you play the game on your PC. Accepting the End User License Agreement is the one-time process, and you are required to accept the license terms only when you initiate the game for the first time.


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