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How to Redirect Folders to Other Drives in Windows

So you’ve gotten a new SSD, and don’t want to fill it up with needless stuff. Redirect those files/folders elsewhere.

Open Windows Explorer in Desktop
On your proposed target drive, create the relevant target folders. You must do this. If you just designate the drive root (D: ) it will attempt to use the whole drive, and you will end up with a mess.
One folder for Documents, another for Pictures, etc.

Again, you must use a subfolder, not the root. Your configuration will be messed up otherwise.

In WinExplorer, right click on Documents, and select Properties

Select the Location tab
Click Move

Navigate to the new ‘Document’ folder you created above. Here, we are looking for ‘Win8Docs’.

Click ‘Select Folder’
You’ll be presented with a confirmation dialog box
asking if you want to move all existing docs. You should probably select Yes.

On the target drive, you will now see a new folder called Documents.

That is just the visible name. Apparently the underlying folder name is whatever you gave it originally.

From now on, anything you save in ‘Documents’ will go to that other drive.
Repeat for the other default folders (Pictures, Videos, Music)
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