How to Reset CMOS on Motherboard


Feb 2, 2016
A tutorial on how to reset the CMOS, which can help solve problems

Step 1 - Turn off the computer
Save any work you might have on the computer, turn it off, unplug the cable from the PSU at the back and flip the switch off (if there is one) Hold down the power button for a few seconds to discharge any remaining power to the PSU

Step 2 - Opening the Computer and Locating the CMOS Battery/BIOS Jumper
After shutting off the computer, open up the computer. Once you have opened it up, look for the battery on the motherboard (looks very similar to a calculator battery) Once you have located it, gently take it out of the slot on the motherboard, wait 5 to 10 seconds and put it back in
IMPORTANT: If the CMOS battery doesn't come out at all, do not force it. Some motherboard manufacturers make it so that the CMOS Battery won't come out. No worries, there should be a BIOS Jumper on the motherboard which can also be used to reset the CMOS.
Look for the BIOS Jumper. It's a very small piece on your motherboard that is easy to take out, it looks like this:
There are 3 pins on the jumper. It should be on pin 1 and 2. Remove the jumper from pin 1 and 2, put it onto Pin 2 and 3, the last two pins and wait 5-10 seconds and put it back on Pin 1 and 2 like it normally was

Step 3 - Starting up the computer
Once you have removed the CMOS battery or did the jumper method instead, close the computer case, plug in the power cord and flip the switch on. Boot up the computer, and you will know that the bios and cmos have been reset if your bios tells you to configure it or it just tells you that it's been reset and cleared. Configure the BIOS if required (some motherboards may configure automatically) and then you can boot into your operating system

You have cleared your CMOS!