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How To Set Up Triple Monitors

A Gamer's Dream: Triple Monitors.

Want to use a triple monitor setup? It's not tough to do with today's video cards and monitors. For the longest time AMD/ Radeon had an exclusive grip on multi-monitor set ups with their Eyefinity software. The owner of an AMD/ Radeon card could connect up to five monitors with their card.
Recently, Nvidia had stepped up their game and enabled their top end cards to have a three or four monitor set up.

Some of the requirements and equipment needed to set up a three monitor display.

1. Three monitors capable of the same resolutions and having a DVI port and display port.
a. Getting monitors with as thin a bezel as possible is preferred.
2. A video card that will support at least three monitors with multi-monitor software.
3. A video card with two DVI ports and a display port or two video cards with a total of those ports.

There are also video cards that specialize in multi-monitor set ups and come with a full compliment of adaptor ports.

4. While the monitors that you get will come with a stand, you may want to get a specialized three position stand for convenience.

5. Cables, you will need two DVI to DVI video cables and one display port cable.

Connecting them up.

Step 1.
First thing that you want to do is verify that you have all the ingredients that you need to get your three monitors up and running. If you trying to use monitors that you already have and they don't quite all have the correct ports you will then have to make do with adaptors.

If you have to end up with a vga port in the mixyou may be able to get an adaptor but you won't have 1080p and you will also have to make other arrangements for sound because DVI only transmits video.

Step 2.
After setting your monitors in place with their separate stand or a three position stand you will need to connect them to your video card. Two of the monitors will need to be connected by DVI and the third by display port. If all your monitors have display port and your video card has three display ports then you can use all three with display port. AMD/ Radeon cards can come with three or more display ports but Nviddia cards will only come with one, but will have two DVI ports.

Step 3.

Now that your monitors are connected you can go into the control panel of your video cards software and enable the multi-monitor option. At this time you can also set the desktop to the extended mode and set the resolution that you want to use.
Here are the links to AMDs Eyefinity and Nvidias surround.

For those interested in more than three displays there are many combinations that can be set up for what ever your needs are. You may want the three screens for gaming and a fourth for other things like monitoring software or web browser.

A five display for more screen real estate.

Then you can go for the ultimate with six displays.

Then there is the ultimate.

If you like a three screen display and have a lot of money to burn then you can get one of these screens. (I would like one myself) No bezel.

Hope all goes well with the three screen set up.
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