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How to Stay Alive in Fortnite Battle Royale

The basic thing to do to win in every game is to remain alive until you complete your objective, but here at Fortnite, your only objective is to remain alive until the end. This is what makes this game the one of its kind. So whether you play the game to enjoy a firefight or to stay alive till its end without getting into too much fight, you will need to be the last man standing to win. And this will take too much effort and practice but you can increase your odds of winning by doing these 3 things that I am about to tell you. So here’s how you can increase the chances of your survival:

1. Plan your Path:
If you want to survive when you are changing your location due to the congestion of the circle then make sure that you watch your path first. When the circle starts to grow smaller you will get the signal of where the circle will end. So when this happens, you will need to select the path that you will be taking. Make sure to take a path which bypasses the larger parts of the map as most of the players will be going through there. If somehow you have to go through the larger parts then try to get to a vantage point like a tower or a hill to get a view of your way and to make sure it is free from enemies.

2. Learn to build Quick and Smart:
This is the key factor to ensure your survival. Building structures are the signature feature of Fortnite Battle Royal and this is because your chances of winning also depend on the way you build. You need to learn to quickly navigate the mini menu of building structures. Once you perfect the build mini menu, you will be able to build while moving and keeping an eye on your surroundings. This will not only help you build quickly but also to stay safe from getting attack while you are busy in building.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Fight:
Look, at some point, you will have to fight an enemy. You cannot just stay hidden and let the players kill each other. Even if you do you will have to fight the last surviving enemy. So why not practice fighting as it will help you survive the game. You need to stop fearing other players and start fighting them whenever needed. Try to stay in areas which are not in the open to stay away from unnecessary fights. But as soon as you encounter an enemy, do not run, instead, face them to increase your attack skills, it will help you in the long run.

These are some important tips to help you survive the game. Don’t expect to see results immediately, just keep doing these things and soon you will be able to perform better than others in the game and that will increase the chances of your survival.