How to use 4G as an Alternative for your Home Internet Services.

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Aug 12, 2012
How to use 4G as an Alternative for your Home Internet Services

In this day of age, having unreliable and slow internet is frustrating and unacceptable. In this thread I hope to give the unfortunate an alternative through teaching them how to take full advantage of Mobile Internet. A speed chart is shown below.

Source: Ericsson, Image From:

Step 1
Locate the closest 3G/4G capable towers near you. OpenSignal is a very useful website to locate towers and signal strength.
Note: This website is not always accurate, I have great coverage where I live but OpenSignal shows no coverage. Use this a helping hand, not a reference.

Step 2
This step requires research. Compile a list of your favorite providers and ask them if they offer 3G/4G services in your area (Hopefully 4G). If they do, purchase a SIM card with unlimited mobile data (no need for minutes or anything else). As an alternative, you could just purchase unlimited mobile data on your current plan!

Step 3
Internet Sharing on a telephone is not what will be done in our guide. Using a telephone for mobile data is slow, unreliable, and congested. Instead, a 3G/4G Router will be used instead (These routers have slots for SIM cards).

Step 4
Before you buy a router, determine the frequency used by your service provider. This can be found on Wikipedia.

Step 5
Purchase a router. Huawei is the recommended brand in this tutorial and so we will be using their router as an example. 4G routers can be found many places such as Souq, AliExpress, Ebay, and even Amazon! A router should not cost over $150. The top three router's are the Huawei B593, E5172, E589 and the E5776. These three cover a large majority of worldwide frequencies.

Step 6
Purchase the router and be sure of it's compatibility. Place the router on/near a window in your house.

Step 7
Use the quick start manual to setup your router. Without further issues your new connection should be stable and running.

If high speed internet is not available for you, this method may work for you. 4G towers use Fiber Optics to supply the consumer with internet. More general information is provided in the FAQ (I advice everybody to read it).


Is this globally available? Every country has different pricing and availability so you've got to check it out locally!

How much will this cost? Again, It's different for everybody. I pay $25 a month for unlimited bandwidth on LTE.

How fast is this? It really depends on the Tower. Some Towers can provide over 100Mbps while others give only 20Mbps.

Why not just use my phone's internet sharing mode? You can, but it will not be usable for home internet purposes. A router really does increase performance. An Antenna helps even more.

Does this work for gaming? It all depends on your Ping. Personally, My ping has been cut in half of what is was before!

What is a fair usage policy? This is very important to take into account. A fair usage policy is when your speed is reduced substantially after you go over your bandwidth usage. To avoid this, look for an unlimited package.

There is a tower in my area, but it’s kind of far… Any solutions? Yes! You can solve this by buying an external antenna! Make sure it supports your LTE frequency. The best antenna's are made by TP-Link and Wilson.

What do I do if my speeds are slow? Purchase an antenna and see if that helps (If not, return it). If it doesn’t you can speak to your telecommunications company and maybe they could adjust the position of the tower antenna's for your benefit.

So… If I buy this, I can take the router with me anywhere I want and I’ll have internet? Yes! This is the best part… You can have internet anywhere you are as long as you have a slight signal.

Explain HSDPA+ and LTE? LTE is branded as 4G (It is 3.9G though) and uses fiber optics from the tower while HSDPA+ is 3.5G and uses WCDMA connection from the tower. The ping isn't so great and most people use 3G on their phones so 4G is HIGHLY recommended.

What is my IP address? It changes every time!

I really want this, should i go for it? If you're sick of your internet and want something better try it, but first test the speeds on your phone so you don't waste money on something that would've never worked.

What happens when many people use the same tower? Congestion and reduced speed. 4G doesn't congest very often because most people use 3G or their phones don't support 4G. A router also has a stronger signal to fight the congestion. If you want to avoid this, use an unused frequency (Research).

I can't find a router that supports my network!?! Browse the Huawei Consumer website. If that doesn't work, use Google and LTE forums to gather information!

Thank you for reading :)
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