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How to use the zoom feature in Windows 10

The zoom feature uses Magnifier for Windows 10 to highlight and enlarge a particular program or area of the desktop. It forms part of the Ease of Access suite of tools and is useful for all users regardless of ability. If you want to know how to use the zoom feature in Windows 10, read on.

As well as narrator, gestures and closed captions, zoom is one of the many things that makes Windows 10 so inclusive.

Use the zoom feature in Windows 10
There are a couple of ways to access Magnifier in Windows 10.

Type or paste ‘magnifier’ into the Search Windows box.


Navigate to Settings, Ease of Use and Magnifier.


Navigate to Control Panel, Ease of Access Center, Make the computer easier to see and then select Magnifier.

Once you turn it on, you will immediately see a zoomed desktop and a small applet that helps control things. Click Views or Settings in the applet to configure how it works.

• Select Full-screen mode and use the mouse to navigate around the screen.
• You can also use Lens mode which turns your mouse cursor into a virtual magnifying glass. It will zoom in wherever you place the mouse cursor.
• Use Docked mode which sections parts of your desktop off for magnifying while you use it.

Using Magnifier to zoom in Windows 10 is very intuitive. The various modes allow users of all abilities to configure Windows to their exact requirements. Long may it continue.

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