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How to use Windows 10 without a Microsoft account

Microsoft is quite keen on us using our Microsoft account with Windows. For the past couple of versions, the OS has steadily built more integration between devices that has required a Microsoft account to take advantage of. However, if you’re not comfortable having the Redmond giant knowing where you are and what you’re doing, here’s how to use Windows 10 without a Microsoft account.

There is no secret that Windows 10 likes to report back on what you’re doing and how you’re using the operating system. While the majority of this information is anonymized, it is still watching you. If you’re uncomfortable with that you can use Windows 10 with a local account instead of a Microsoft account.

Use Windows 10 without a Microsoft account
The easiest way to use Windows 10 without a Microsoft account is to create a local user account.

1. Navigate to Settings, Accounts and Family & other users.
2. Select ‘Add someone else to this PC’ under Other users.
3. Select ‘The person I want to add doesn’t have an email address’ and hit Next.
4. Select ‘Add a user without a Microsoft account’ in the next window and hit Next.
5. Add a username and password and a password hint and hit Next.

You should now be returned to the Accounts window and the new local account should appear under Other users.

To use the new local account, log out of Windows and back in again using the credentials for the local account. Everything should work as normal except your settings won’t automatically sync to Microsoft.

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