Kernel-Power event ID 41 fixes that I know of


Oct 2, 2014
Since I spent a lot of time trying to find a fix,I wanted to show you all the possible solutions that I know of for all of you out there.Here we go:
1.Check if you have multiple sound drivers.If you do,disable one of them and check if the problem is solved.
2.If you have an Nvidia graphics card,uninstall the driver,and then install it manually,deselect the following components:
- 3D Vision Controller Device
- 3D Vision Driver
- PhysX System Software
3.If you have an AMD FX Series Processor,and if you're crashing in some games like Saints Row The Third,Borderlands 2,Black Ops 2 etc. download a program called OROCHI-CEG.You will have to run it every time you restart your computer.
4.Disable Fast-Startup: Control Panel>Power Options>Choose what the power buttons do>change settings that are currently unavailable
If neither of these worked for you,then the problem is in the Hardware most likely.
Here's the hardware solutions that you can try:
1.The RAM might be the problem so you can try using a different one and see if the problem persists
2.Change your PSU,yeah I know it's obvious.
3.Using a surge protector might be the problem
4.Switch your wall outlet.
There you go,some possible solutions for you to try.
Good luck!
P.S:Sorry if I did something wrong,I'm kinda new to this website.