Netflix Error NW-2-5: Fix On Streaming Media Players

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May 11, 2018

When not talking about the big name streaming media players,
unbranded or ‘kodi’ boxes ship with default support for Netflix, YouTube and a
multitude of other streaming apps. They also come with the Android operating
system, both new and old. Fixes for error NW-2-5 on these streaming boxes
follows similar steps to other streaming media clients.

Check The Internet Connection

Not being able to communicate with Netflix servers can be
caused by several network issues. The best way to check multiple Netflix
connectivity problems at once is by opening other streaming apps. Since YouTube
is one of the default inclusions for all streaming devices, it is the best
choice for testing.

1. Open the YouTube app from the home screen.

2. Play any video, preferably an HD one so you can really
work the connection.

3. If it plays, try opening Netflix again to see if the
problem is resolved.

Improve The Wireless Connection

When the router is too far away from the streaming device,
the connection chokes. This is a situation that is more likely with a 5 GHZ
connection, where the signal has less strength for distance than a 2.4 GHZ

1. Make sure that the router is as high as possible.

2. If multiple walls are between the router and streaming
device, move it. You want as few obstacles as possible.

3. If the streaming device or router is in a cabinet, put it
in an open space.

4. Try Netflix after the wireless signal improves.

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