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The 3 Best Places to Find Loot in Fortnite Battle Royale

You are dropped into the map with just a melee weapon and that’s not enough to even kill an enemy let alone survive the whole match. So what you need is to gear up and do that as fast as you can. But the thing is, you cannot gear up quickly if you don’t find the adequate loot items and chests. And you cannot find sufficient gear if you are not looking at the right location. This is where most of the players will lose motivation and stop looking. Well, don’t, because I am going to tell you some of the best locations in the whole map to find Loot items. Please keep in mind that the items that spawn in chests are randomized each game, so these locations are the best due to their proximity to resources, amount of competition when you land, how many loot items spawn on the ground, how many chests can possibly spawn at the location, and how close to the center of the map they are. So here are the 3 best places to find Loot:

1. Wailing Woods:
This is unequivocally one of the best places to find a plethora of different items. Firstly, you will not find as much of a crowd as other places, so you can loot in peace. Secondly, the place has a lot of weapons, chests, and items to grab. You can even find items on top of the buildings of this place so make sure to land on one of them. Also, there is a tower nearby where with a little luck you may find a chest full of different goodies. This chest alone can be a lifesaver for you.

2. Dusty Depot:
Currently, Dusty Depot is one of the best places to start the game. It is located in the middle of the map and contains an enormous amount of loot for you to pick up. But, the place is only good if you directly land there, because there may be other players who will also land there for loot as it is a hot zone. So once you are there, head for the three hangars like warehouses to find weapons and other items. Now with a weapon in hands, you can search this area further for more loot.

3. Salty Springs:
Lastly, we have the area which is full of loot that is just laying around on the ground waiting for players to be discovered. The best thing is that unlike Dusty Depot this one is not much of a hot zone. So you can gear up without facing much resistance. The area also has a decent amount of chests hidden. Just make sure that you check out the buildings of the area to increase your odds of finding the chests.

Although there are a lot of other places to find plenty of loot these are the ones that are loaded with chests, weapons, and items. So make sure you check all of these places at least for once and you will know what I am talking about.