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The Evil Within Akumu No Upgrades/Keys/DLC Walkthrough.

This is intended as a walkthrough for those whom want to extend replay with added challenges after beating the game on all modes. It emphasizes ways to conserve resources in fairly effective and reliable (safe) ways. It's not by any means a speedrun, but times will be kept as reasonable as possible. I will add new posts as I have new chapters to show. If you see a slight jump in the video, like the 17:19 mark in Chapter 3, it's because I'm pausing the game to save a ShadowPlay Instant Replay clip, which I prefer to manual record since it yields better performance and is more convenient. Each chapter will be recorded as one gameplay session when possible though.

OK, it's finally done! My clear time came out at 6:27:16, with 20 deaths. There is not much need to worry about scrap and ammo if you follow this guide, and it's all collected safely as I did not attempt to disarm wall mines for scrap. There were times I had well over 80 scrap, and went into the big battle after the chapter 15 intro with over 50 scrap. By the twin keeper battle later in chapter 15, I was back up to 58 scrap. So don't be afraid to use those scrap parts where needed. I was easily able to keep the waves emerging from the rolling door in chapter 11 under control with shock bolts and matches.

One last word, if you enjoy survival horror games, please buy and play them. Survival horror is sadly becoming a bit of a lost art and dying genre, it needs your support to continue. Remember, this is a walkthrough, not a long movie, it's intent is to get you thinking how to play great games like this. Thanks to those of you whom took the time to watch, and keep playing!

Chapter 1

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Chapter 15

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