How To What is a DMZ and How to Configure a Router to Use it


Aug 12, 2012
What is a DMZ and How to Configure a Router to Use it

What is a DMZ?
A DMZ is a Demilitarized Zone. That's all you really have to know, it basically accepts all incoming traffic and allows all outgoing traffic. A more solid explanation can be found on Wikipedia.

What's it good for?
Because of the reasons listed above, it is a very good alternative for port forwarding on a Console such as the PlayStation or Xbox.

Why DMZ instead of Port forward?
Port forwarding means you've got to manually forward each port for any game/application you want to run. uPNP also does not always work for many games/applications. A DMZ just allows all traffic so it's much simpler.

Is it safe?
It is highly advised not to use a DMZ on a computer as the user is very vulnerable to an attack of any kind. Even with a firewall, it is not recommended.

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On the other hand, a hacker cannot do much with your Playstation or Xbox so we're going to go ahead and learn how to use the DMZ feature in our router.

Step 1
Use this guide written by SR-71 Blackbird to access your router.

Step 2
Find the local IP address of the device you want to put in the DMZ. This means that this device will be open to anything the internet offers... Freaky? Yes.

Step 3
Locate where your router has it's DMZ feature. It's generally under Security. Click on it and enter in the address from step 2. Be certain it is the correct address and not your personal computer!

You should now be set to go and your gaming console should have no issues joining any players!

Thanks for reading :)