Windows updates after version 1803


Since the release of Windows 10 Fall edition (version 1803), you may find that Windows updates get stuck in a loop

What can happen is regardless of how many times you shutdown & update, or restart & update, windows will keep wanting to update on a shutdown/restart. The first time will install the updates but every subsequent one will simply shut PC down or restart, without actually installing anything.

The cause is active hours. If you run an update inside the time you have set as active hours, Windows gets confused. It may even show "Some settings are managed by your organisation" in the windows update screen in settings, even if it is your own personal machine.

The simple answer is go to settings/update & security/windows update and run the pending update again, this action clears the power options and also the warning about organisation controlling your PC (though this warning may linger for a while before it disappears)

A long term solution might be to change your active hours or simply run updates outside the time frame you have set as active. I hope Microsoft figure out a better way or just add a message that explains why this is happening.

to change active hours, go to settings/update & security/Windows update and change active hours is 1st link under check for updates button