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  • I'm retired and I still ask a lot of questions, even some dumb questions, but if I speak it's accurate to a fault. I am going to ask some questions here because of the dumbest people on earth that control search engines, especially Google. Feel free to ask any computer related questions, it's good for what's left of my brain :D
    I guess as I get older I have less tolerance for stupidity. I'm not talking about seemingly common sense questions but more along the lines of people who are complete idiots that try to act like they know something and can't shut up when in reality they are idiots. Zero tolerance left here.
    C code was genius which led to all our developments today. I spent my career in every aspect of automation, mostly for the automotive industry. I started off in electronics engineering and did very well as an automation electrical engineer.
    Retired in Brazil and loving it. Yes if it has a computer in it, I've built it, programmed it, designed it, developed it. We are very lucky to have our technology today. Remember Fortran, Basic, Machine code and binary programming? How our eyes lit up when IBM and Microsoft developed DOS. And, who can forget Point and Click and finally Windows?
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