I remember playing games on a Magnavox Odyssey II back in the late 70s. I've been gaming every since, from C-64 through Amiga and then over to the wonderful world of PC hardware. My dad brought home an IBM PC XT in the early 80s, where I learned the 'glories' of DOS 2.2 and later. I still write batch files to help me optimize workflows. My first PC that I bought was a 286 12MHz in the late 80s, with 2MB RAM, a 40MB hard drive, a Cirrus Logic VGA graphics card, SoundBlaster 16 audio, and a Roland CM32-L sound module. It cost $3,000, and it wasn't even top of the line. High-end gaming has never been so affordable as today!

I received a BS in computer science, worked in software development for five years, another five years in the IT industry, and I've been working as a tech journalist since 2004. I started at AnandTech, went to Maximum PC and PC Gamer, and am now at Tom's Hardware.