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    Question Gigabyte Gtx 750 ti 2gb ddr5 not working.. need help

    Hey there, I have i5 2300 2nd generation processor System name : p6745f Motherboard name: Manufacturer: Pegatron Ram 8 gb ddr3 Power supply 400 watt with 6 pin Graphic card: gigabyte gtx 750 ti 2gb ddr5 My graphic card is not working when I connect my graphic card to my motherboard my...
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    Usb devices turns off the back on when booting the pc!

    I basically built a new computer with decent specs and i got a new keyboard as well the following specs include... i7 8700k corsair vengeance 2x8 (3200) asus rog stric z370 650ww corsair power supply logitech g810 orium spectrum Now the problem is that whenever i first press the power button...