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  1. A

    Question Can't install NEW 4.7.2 .NET Framework in Windows 7

    First, I uninstalled the old version and installed the new version from Microsoft official website. But now I can't install Windows .NET Framework. Please help me.
  2. M

    Have I setup Speakers and Subwoofer correctly?

    Hi all, I'm currently using a pair of Mackie CR5-bt monitors with a KRK 10S2 Active subwoofer. They are hooked up to my pc. This is where I want to know whether I setup my sound system in the best way possible. Currently I have the green audio line out on the PC connected to the subwoofer's...
  3. majorwilliams420

    My new custom build keeps buzzing when in games. Please help!!!!

    This is my setup: Case - Cooler master Scout CPU- I7 4790k 4.0Ghz GPU- EVGA GTX760 MB- Asus Z97-A RAM- 16gb G Skill HDD- WD BLUE 1tb Liquid cooler- Lepa I get the super loud alarm/loud high pitched tone when i play certain games Tekken7 no buzzing Vanquish buzzing Sleeping dogs definitive...
  4. H

    First Build- Opinions Apreciated

    I am making the leap from console gaming to pc, and would like to run most games on the highest settings. If there are any upgrades that would give a significant boost to performance I would be interested. Also I would like to know if this build makes a 4k monitor worth it. Link to parts list...
  5. J

    Program runs every hour

    how to turn off program that is running in back ground comes up in window no matter what I'm doing reading,watching video or playing game
  6. X

    Black screen from time to time with GTX 750Ti

    Yesterday I got the MSi GTX 750Ti low profile OC but when I'm gaming, I get a black screen for 2 seconds, it dosen't say that the drivers crashed ect, it just dosen't show the cause, I have updated the drivers and it seems that it improved it, but it still happens.
  7. B

    watch dog requires i7 processor and for amd it requires fx 9370?Can an i5 4690k play it at 1080p with ultra settings except an

    I have heard from people that an i5 4690k is the best processor ever for gaming. but can it run these game? at the defined settings. The GPU for this will be GTX 970 so keep that in mind too.
  8. RowTheBoss

    Will my System Suffice for Eyefinity Gaming on LoL at 5760?

    My Current build now: Thermaltake Overseer RX-1, AMD 8320 @ 4.3GHZ with a N520 cooler master, x2 Gigabyte Windforce R9 290 4GB, 16gb Hyper X Ram, Asus 5A99FX PRO R2.0, PNY 250GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD Could this handle games like: League of Legends or Dota 2, any moba game :3 at...