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  1. S

    Question New build and ssd wont recognise

    I got a new case and moved all my stuff to the new case including a new ssd that is compatible with my motherboard and now I only turn into the bios. It won't recognise my ssd or any memory and my cables are basically new for the ssd.
  2. W

    Question Problem with SSD running slowly

    Hello everyone! I will get right to the problem. I recently bought a PC from Shark Gaming, it has been running very nicely when gaming but lately I have encountered a few problems. When I start the PC Windows is very slow to boot and load all startup programs (I don't have many startups btw)...
  3. C


    Hi all, I have an MSi A320M Pro VH-Plus motherboard. Currently I have a 1TB SATA HDD and was wondering if my motherboard could accommodate an additional SSD. Any advice regarding the compatibility would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. brencicmiodrag82

    [SOLVED] New pc old ssd

    Im getting new pc but I want to leave all my stuff on that ssd without reinstalling Windows, is that good idea? Im moving from i3 2100 to i5 3570 and from radeon hd graphics 6770 to rx 470 4gb. Will there be any error? Thanks!
  5. brencicmiodrag82

    [SOLVED] How to delete old files of Windows

    I used to have HDD 700gb in 2 parts one for Windows 150gb (Local Disc C) and another part for everything else (Local Disc D). Year ago I bought SSD 240gb and cloned whole (C) windows with program called iSumsoft Cloner to that SSD. Everything is fine with that SSD it works good, but HDD made...
  6. mhmmd_hm

    Question doesnt recognize adata sx8200 on asus GL552vw

    Hi I bought a adata sx8200 256GB ssd for asus GL552vw-c but the laptop can't recognize the ssd not in bios, not in device manager can any body help me? https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1259587/xpg-sx8200-pro-256gb/specificaties/ (this is ssd)...
  7. brencicmiodrag82


    I cloned all files from HDD to SSD, now I got same files on HDD and SSD. Can I simply delete all files from HDD or is there another proccess how to delete those files?
  8. SomeJuicy

    Question How do I Install a SSD with an existing HDD

    Hello, I've been wanting to install the Samsung 860 EVO into my computer along with my HDD. I'm really not sure how I would proceed with adding an SSD, so I'm just looking for some guidance.
  9. lonelygian

    Question how do you transfer a disk partition from hdd to ssd?

    i just bought an ssd, i was planning on moving my disk partition from hdd, specifically the disk with windows. how do i transfer all of it without reinstalling windows? thank you.