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    Question Rx 580 How to set fans at 0 RPM when idle?

    Hi. I'm noticing they are always on, even on idle. It won't let you set them bellow 20% in the wattman, and it won't work if you try to set them to zero using Afterburner. I've already tried that "save your config, then edit the .xml and change false to true" thing with no luck, and yes, i did...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] fan works but 0 rpm in software rx 570

    Hi friends i will go crazy with a problem in my gpu. fan rotates, but he is not recognized by the motherboard, and in any software, even the amd one, I change a fan curve, but it has no effect, it is a rx 570, which was purchased on aliexpress, it was used in mining probably i will send images...
  3. Z

    Question BIOS Not recognizing any CPU Fans. CPU Fan Error & Over Temperature Error

    Hi, I have recently deleted a directory called Asustek.Inc something from my C storage because there was a file called Ss3svc.32exe(thinking its a malware) inside it that has been trying to initialize everytime i open my pc. After a few seconds deleting the file my pc started to have input...
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    Question [Need Help] Corsair 115i AIO - Fans RPM 0

    Hello everyone. So I am using Corsair's 115i AIO liquid cooler and it was working fine, no issues, until yesterday. I installed new hard drive in the system for which i had to open the back unplugged the power cables to manage the connection for my HDD and then put everything back to gather and...
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    Question CPU at 100 degrees and CPU FAN keeps going at 0 RPM!

    Just got a new PC some months ago, and I keep getting notifications alerting my CPU FAN goes to 0 RPM. According to HWMonitor, my CPU is constantly around 95-100 degrees and my CPU Fan keeps shutting down and resets automatically in idling. It gets even worse when I play games, the fan gets...