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    [SOLVED] 100% new pc build gives 0xc0000001 error

    Hello, I just finished building my new computer. I used only new components, so no old sdd/hdd's. The computer starts like it should and the bios menu seems to work fine. I've downloaded a windows ISO file using the windows 10 media tool on a USB stick. When I plug the usb in my new computer...
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    [SOLVED] How to fix Windows 10 continuous BSOD loop?

    Hello everyone, Last weekend my computer froze while I was using it, and upon restart it displayed an “Inaccessible Boot Device” error. I spent the better part of the Sunday going through various forums and tutorials trying to fix it and nothing seemed to work. I came back to it today and...
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    GTX 970 switching between Display Devices and Other devices

    Hi guys, My PC was all working fine yesterday. I switched it on today to play some R6 Siege. I must add that before doing anything I went to install the new nvidia graphics drivers via GEforce Experience and the installation failed on everything. For some reason my graphics card isn't working...
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    External Hard Drive won't mount or Repair

    External Hard Drive won't mount. It won't show up in finder, but it will show up in disk utility. It when i click repair it re...ith the EFI system partitions file system. This is a WD Passport for Mac, on a Macbook air running OS X Yosemite When it did show up in the finder the other day it...