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  1. 0Dunxter0

    [SOLVED] Windows won't boot after using MBR2GPT and messing with partitions ?

    The following error has been preventing me from updating Windows 10 through Windows Update for quite some time (maybe a year or so): "Unsupported Disk Layout for UEFI Firmware". I finally decided to give it a go and try solving it, and to do so, I used the MBR2GPT tool in order to turn my MBR...
  2. AngusMcFife

    [SOLVED] Windows recovery issue.

    Hi. Having a bizarre problem with my PC. Every time I boot up it takes me straight to recovery. That in itself is fine. The problem is the keyboard and mouse don't work. Tried switching the USB ports and restarting every time but nothing. Have used a ps/2 adaptor, nothing. Borrowed a ps/2...
  3. TheJJBman11

    [SOLVED] 0xc000000e system 32 file couldn't be found

    Hiya, My friend and I tried to replace his motherboard and CPU/Cooler. We made the mistake of taking out his old motherboard before trying to put together his new one and found out that we couldn't fit the cooler to the motherboard! When we tried to put the old one back in we struggled to...
  4. FedeGioz

    [SOLVED] My pc won't boot

    I recently reinstalled windows , I already did that before, the installation went throught well but at the second startup, I got a 0xc000000e error, that I tried to fix with the bootrec /fixmbr, fixmbr and fixboot command in the windows installation cmd, it didn't worked, then I found out that...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] A peculiar windows 10 Crash

    Sometimes, almost randomly but usually when the pc is under some decent amount of stress (Working in CAD or Gaming) the pc would just freeze entirely, forcing a hard shut down. After a reboot I am often met with this blue screen: RESTORE Your pc/Device needs to be repaired. The operating...
  6. C

    Question Windows 10 not booting, 0xc000000e

    So I just came back from vacation and this happened, I turned on my pc and was welcomed with a blue screen, the error code was 0xc0000006, since it said that it couldn't find a bootable device I decided to look at the bios. Inside the bios the only bootable device was my hdd, my windows 10 is...
  7. Kritonios

    nVidia GTX 960 SLI: Worth it?

    Hello there, I'm planning to build a computer and I 'm probably going with the gtx 960 as I don't really like AMD products (I've heard very bad things about processors and from MY experience with its gpus I don't think they are any good). Also, I amd not going with gtx 970 because I can't afford...
  8. D

    How do I uninstall my operating system?

    I would just like to know how I would be able to uninstall Windows 8.1 from my PC, as I will be installing a different version of it. Thanks!