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    [SOLVED] Windows won't boot after using MBR2GPT and messing with partitions ?

    The following error has been preventing me from updating Windows 10 through Windows Update for quite some time (maybe a year or so): "Unsupported Disk Layout for UEFI Firmware". I finally decided to give it a go and try solving it, and to do so, I used the MBR2GPT tool in order to turn my MBR...
  2. Wynchester

    [SOLVED] Disk Error: Reboot and insert boot drive error (0xc0000098)

    I know this is a common issue. But i tried all of the usual options. . Reset the BIOS . Cleared the CMOS . Boot from a boot drive - where it shows error 0xc0000098 . Check the Cables I tried to boot from a windows installation media but it still shows the error. Does this mean anything? Also...
  3. D

    Question Windows gives me 0xc0000098 BSOD when RAID array is active

    Weirdest thing. This just started happening after I moved places. Basically at this point I have a lot of random problems (unable to upgrade to 1909 being most prominent) but now I have this other unique problem. One day I randomly got the BSOD with error mentioned in title. I was looking for...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Added new 2x4gb ram, windows 10 throws recovery mode

    Hi, so I add new ram and windows wont boot, i try only add new ram and it worked, old one works too, but when i add them together windows shows couple errors. I cant even get to safe mode. so old ram - Patriot, signature line, ddr4, 8 gb,2666mhz, cl 19, kit of 2; new ram - Patriot, signature...