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Forum discussion tagged with 0xc00000f.
  1. G

    Question Failure to Boot “Windows 10 Error Code 0xc00000f”

    SYSTEM = HP Pavillion 590-p0100na Desktop OS = Windows 10 Home So I have just updated to the latest software patch and now my PC fails to boot with an error code “0xc00000f you’ll need to use recovery tools” So went into BiOS to boot 1st from USB drive and inserted by flash recovery drive...
  2. Owldude

    [SOLVED] Windows failed to start

    Alright, so this began recently. I was doing some home work nothing unusual, then out of nowhere, bluescreen. I waited patiently for my PC to reboot, but when it did a screen saying "Windows failed to start" and an error 0xc00000f. I looked up for a solution and found something saying restart...