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Forum discussion tagged with 0xc0000428.
  1. L

    Question Constant BSOD w error of 0xc0000428

    I had just upgraded my cpu and updated my bios and upon doing so i keep booting up with the same error of 0xc000428 and it wont let me factory reset windows from a usb because it says BOOTMRG is corrupt after its a fresh download in the usb, most of the time i can barley even get to the bios...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Added new 2x4gb ram, windows 10 throws recovery mode

    Hi, so I add new ram and windows wont boot, i try only add new ram and it worked, old one works too, but when i add them together windows shows couple errors. I cant even get to safe mode. so old ram - Patriot, signature line, ddr4, 8 gb,2666mhz, cl 19, kit of 2; new ram - Patriot, signature...
  3. I

    Liquid Cooling System ( first time in my life) Help

    Hello, I ve done few threads but everyday i just think something new so i need your advice about water cooling. The kit I am going to order has small reservoar and pump. But i want to add one more radiator which will be 240 (38mm) thick + 360mm (28mm) . Do you think this reservoar and pump will...