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    Question Windows 10 Stop code: INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE"

    How To Solve "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart we will restart it for you. Stop code: INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE" - ? I have tried many solutions to this problem and my hard disk seems not to boot. I don't want to format it. I want to gain access once more, get my files then format...
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    Question Black screen before login (win 10)

    I KNOW, I know, I know, I know whats going on in your mind, but please read it first. Im gonna give you my specs first to rule out anything you reckon its a hardware component failure: i5-9400F Asus ROG B365-G 2x Kingston DDR4 8GB 2666mhz Zotac GTX 1070 Amp! Extreme 1x 500GB backup HDD 1x 1TB...
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    Question Computer only boots after multiple tries

    Hello, Short version of the problem: Windows 10 wont boot on the first few attempts, and the number of attempts to boot before a successful try is growing from originally (1 restart) to now around 7 or 8. If the computer is on for a while or "warm" it can reboot/power down and come back up just...
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    Question Error Coe 0x8007025D while installing windows 10

    System Specs: Intel Core I7 2600 8gb Adata XPG 1866Mhz Intel B75 Motherboard From an Acer Predator G3620 Crucial Bx500 960gb SSD EVGA GTX 980TI ACX 2.0 I recently upgraded my main gaming pc from having my OS on a 1tb hard drive to a brand new Crucial Bx500 960gb SSD. My PC ran just fine with a...
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    [SOLVED] No Intel HD Graphics 3000 drivers are available for Windows 10. HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

    I am aware that Intel HD 3000 is outdated and obsolete so it's only logical to stop support. Though, on the internet people said that windows 8/7 drivers could work. SPOILER: They didn't. I am looking for an alternative to the drivers. I can't even find the I-graphics card on device manager...
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    Question Help me! Ghost system!

    Guys, I have a huge doubt. I left the lid of my notebook (Lenovo Ideapad touch screen) open, but over time the lock screen was activated and automatically went into standby, but a few hours later it turned on by itself, without my touching it. Not to mention that there was access to the internet...
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    [SOLVED] Windows 10 won't install on brand new build (frozen spinning dots)

    Got my system to POST, but after selecting 64 bit windows 10 install from a brand new Windows 10 flash drive, it freezes while the dots are spinning around my motherboard logo. I was able to start in safe mode (through f8 on installation select), which let me get past the freezing, install...
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    Question Quick question

    Hi, I bought the RTX 2060 some time ago, and I see that when I for example play Beat Saber on my PC with this GPU on Oculus Rift, it doesn't lag at all, but when I try to record/stream when I play Beat Saber, It lags like crazy! So is it the GPU I have to upgrade to not make it lag so much or...
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    Question Windows 10 Ram consumption

    Wwindows Desktop Manager just eats ram progresively, and sometimes… well… see this Task Manager
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    Question Photoshop is Completely Broken

    I have the latest version of Photoshop (20.0.4) and some time last week it started behaving very weirdly. It refuses to open files, it refuses to save files, and it refuses to create files. If photoshop is not open and I locate a Photoshop Document, it opens that way but then I run into the...
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    [SOLVED] Can I restore windows 10 if I do a factory reset?

    I installed Ubuntu in my laptop, I got rid of Windows 10, and Linux is the only OS in it now. If I do a factory reset of the laptop, will I get windows 10 back? Or, even if it came within the laptop, it is gone forever now?
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    HP 15-da0091ne or Acer E5-576G-58ZE

    Hello I'll be using the laptop for: (Office package - Browsing - Watching Movies - Coding(ex: Visual Studio, MySQL, Oracle db..etc) - SPSS - STATA- MATLAB ) The laptop will not be used for gaming. I want it to have good overall performance, good display(ex: colors - contrast) and sturdy...
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    Unregistered network access

    What feature(s) would be used to record all unregistered (Banned or unknown) network access attempts? Could be on router or software programs?
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    Upgradation of My laptop

    Hey, I have Fujitsu A555 series. Is it can be upgradable?
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    I have 5.1 sound fore satellite tv and on demand but cannot get Netflix to play 5.1

    I have 5.1 sound on everything from tv box to Bose but l can not get Netflix 5.1 just pcm
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    i7 4770k temperature.

    Hello all. Im using the Scythe Mugen 5 PCGH cpu cooler on i7 4770k the average of CPU Package temp while gaming was 77-86C, The CPU Temp is 62-66C idle CPU Package temp is around 53-57C, the CPU temp is 47C, voltage is 1.120 and CPU is on 3,7GHz, Program im using: AIDA64. "bios set: speedstep...
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    Tt Contac 16 Heatsink giving me high temps under load

    Was going to overclock but found out even when under load @3.5(Stock) I'm getting temps at around 95c and idle 30-40c. I use 'prime95' for the stress test and 'coretemp'/'HWMonitor' for the temperatures. PC pics: https://imgur.com/a/fMUHSis (Note: I have inverted the blue fan so that it is...
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    Transfer Hard Drive to new Pc with an OS, but don't need the OS

    I want to transfer my old hard drive to my new computer. My new computer already has Window's 10 on it. It is all set up and ready to go. I want to transfer everything from my old pc's hard drive which has Window's 10 on it as well. Will putting that hard drive in my new computer cause a problem...
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    psu with gpu

    can I install geforce gtx 1050 ti with thermaltake 530w smart s???
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    Does the power supply have enough power?

    hello i want to buy gtx 660 ti would like to know if I have enough power of the power unit My spec I5 650 4gb ddr3 ram Gt 440 1 gb Power Supply 450w Hdd 500gb