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  1. barriertb

    Question 100% Disk usage on both SSDs ?

    I have searched the internet for a week now and tried everything that I can possibly think of (and everything pretty much every forum has suggested). Every time I launch Rust (I have played rust for over 2k hours on this pc) it goes into the initial loading screen, then my whole pc freezes...
  2. Question PC seems slower after installing new RAM

    Hey guys. As it says in the title, PC seems slower after installing new RAM. I've also seen CPU being at 100% in task manager when barely doing anything on the computer. Games started stuttering and freezing. This is the RAM i had before...
  3. N

    Question Gpu fans stuck at 100%

    Hey everybody im here with a very interesting problem. My gpu fans go to 100% when im playing a game. I cannot control it with msi nor with drivers. It goes to 100 after a while, but it is 100% usually after 30 seconds. Its very inconsistent as i was able to play a game of apex for 20min...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] can I make my CPU run at regular speeds while having max processor state capped?

    When I have my max processor state capped, the speeds my system is able to run are capped too. 95% cap only lets me run at 2.09GHz, 99% cap only lets me run at 2.19GHz while my CPU is capable of turbo boosting to 4GHz. When I uncap it, I have power limit throttling issues and a lot of CPU...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] GPU Temp too high

    Hello, my GPU runs at 80C without overclocking it. The model is GTX 760 MSI N760-2GD5/OC . Because it is really heating, i have a question. Can i run my GPU fan at 100%? I don't want the fan to break really quick so i am asking.
  6. S

    Question My CPU is 100%

    When i move my mouse my cpu usage in task manager is rising from 12% to somewhere close to 60 %, and when i type something anywhere it goes to 100%. Can someone tell me a solution to this? I also scanned my computer for viruses and there is no virus. I updated my drivers as well and restarted...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] R6S Started stuttering out of the blue

    Hi! So i always have been playing Rainbow six siege with a good experience and smooth gameplay, but out of nowhere 2 days ago i started having horrible stuttering which makes it unplayable. I have been troubleshooting for 2 days straight and really can't seem to fix it. As far as i know it only...
  8. P

    [SOLVED] 100% usage GPU

    Hello im worried about my graphics card. Some time ago i upgrade my pc and I bought a radeon rx5700 xt , when im playing league of legens, the game freezes(have to finish task on task manager to play it again) and the GPU goes to 100% usage and the temperature start rasing up to 60/70 degrees...
  9. [SOLVED] CPU Usage at 100%

    Recently I noticed that my system has been lagging a lot, which I have been blaming on my network. I decided to check my Task Manager to see what my network usage was looking like and was shocked to see that my CPU was at 100% usage! I'm not really sure how to lower its usage so any help will be...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Something hogs cpu 50-100 %, not visible in Task Manager

    Windows 10 stutters to a halt, sound gets choppy, even mouse cursor moves with massive delay. Something keeps hogging the cpu and it doesn't show in task manager or proexp. Or rather they tell me cpu is being used 50-100 percent all the time, just not by what. Even when it's "only" 50 % used...