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  1. B

    Question Ryzen 3 3200g Issues

    Hi, Recently through a series of unfortunate events I’ve had to replace most of my pc components, picked up the Ryzen 3 3200g with the ASUS prime A320M-K The bios update to use the Ryzen was done in store and all seemed ok, however my cpu often spikes to 100% and stays there. The new call of...
  2. F

    Question Ryzen 7 1800x 100% CPU Usage + Low FPS in GTA V/Online?

    So something similar to this has likely been posted multiple times however I have yet to find a fix that works and the only things Google brings up are people using ancient quad cores and such. So for some reason as soon as GTA 5 opens my CPU gets pegged at 100% CPU usage according to Task...
  3. F

    Question High Temps on startup but fine when gaming. Should I be concerned?

    CPU: i7 6700k Mobo: Asus z170a Cpu Cooler: Corsair H100i V2 GPU: 980 ti Hello, I was wondering if I should be concerned about my temps when my PC starts up. When it starts up it sometimes reaches 100% cpu usage and when that happens then the temps reach as high as 100c, but when I'm gaming the...
  4. T

    Question i5 7600k vs BF5 continous 100% cpu usage and low fps

    Hello everyone i have huge problem that im bothering for a few days. It all started when I first installed battlefield 5. From the first time i have fps problems cant get more than 60+ fps on ultra. Changing video settings to low gives me even less performance around 35-45 fps. Check many...
  5. Ben Harley

    Black Friday deals for VPN/Security products 2018

    Hi all.. I am looking for some major Black Friday Discounts on the aforementioned products. I usually purchase security products around this time of the year because of mega discounts and all. But unfortunately I haven't got any good deal yet except for one. I am actively searching for vpn...
  6. X

    need a new MOBO and CPU

    Hi .. as i said .. i need a new MOBO and CPU tht good for gaming .. for under 100 bucks .. im in very tight budget right now .. im new in build a gaming pc with AMD mobo .. so confused me .. not same as intel ..